img_7966I’m Lauren Shade. 25. South Florida ✈️ San Francisco, CA. Pending: B.S. in digital media with a concentration in Social Media and eMarketing Analytics at FIU. 🎓 🎨

As a digital native, I’ve always been fascinated with how communication and technology influence each other. I want to find more intimate and innovative ways to build engagement and brand awareness.

I’ve worked with organizations like Vocalcom, Focus Features, eShipper, Entangled Publishing and more. I’m certified in Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics. I’m also an active participant in the #bodypositive movement, which includes promoting positive images of sex, relationships, and self amongst women and men of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and others. I wrote a sex-positive book published by Bonnier Publishing (and an article!) imprint’s Totally Entwined and participated in reproductive justice summits as the host of the workshop Let’s Talk About Sex.

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