11244717_403868226464538_7649936550411642969_nI’m Lauren. 25. South Florida to San Fran. 🛩️ Bachelor of Science. Digital Media Obsessed. 💻

As a digital native, I am fascinated with how communication and technology influence one another. My goal is to continue finding new ways to exploit this connection and create intimate strategies businesses can use to better interact with their audience. How? By creating authentic solutions that produce real results.

I have worked with large and small organizations and agencies, which include but are not limited to National Organization for Women, Vocalcom, and eShipper. I’m a strong supporter of the Oxford comma. I am also an active participant in the #bodypositive movement, which includes promoting positive images of sex, relationships and self amongst women and men of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and more. I am in the process of writing a sex-positive book that is set to be published with Bonnier Publishing, and I have participated in two reproductive justice summits as the host of the workshop Let’s Talk About Sex and the digital marketing coordinator. In my free time, I intern at Brower Literary Agency.

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